Get Noticed! Tips For Improving Your Instagram

Get Noticed! Tips For Improving Your Instagram

Get noticed tips

Instagram has found itself as one of the top 4 social media platforms. Using photos as a way to connect, it has grown to 400 million users. More and more companies are starting to see the benefit of putting their brand on Instagram and since the platform sees more engagement with brands than Facebook, it’s definitely a place you want to consider putting your brand or business to get noticed.

If you want to get your brand noticed, here are some handy tips that we like to use:

Use hashtags but hide them!

That’s right. Use them, but hide them. One of the biggest tips in using Instagram is to use hashtags, the maximum is 30. This is a fantastic way to get your brand out there and help people find you. First create a hashtag that is tied to your brand and use it on every post. Second, do a quick google search and find some popular hashtags related to your brand or photo. We like to find photos that our ideal clients are posting and then using the same hashtags they are using. After all, using the same hashtags will help them find you. No one wants to look like a spam factory though, so make sure you hide your hashtags by adding them to the first comment on the photo. Try using a notepad for all your hashtags and put 3 or 4 dashes or periods (spaced vertically) above your hashtags to make them almost invisible to viewers.

Use the @mention feature!

Brands simply aren’t using this feature like they should. Mentioning other users in a post will double engagement over posts that don’t mention others. Try giving shout outs to customers or potential customers. Partner up with a complimentary brand and cross promote by mentioning each other in posts. Mention influential users. The @mention feature will allow your company to be viewed as a more connected and caring company.

Add a location!

Show where you were or currently are. Tagging a location helps others find you. Adding a location creates interest in where your company hangs out or can be found. Whether you’re attending an event or showing a location where your product can be used, adding locations increases engagement.

Use emojis!

Emojis are here to stay. They are found everywhere, whether you’re sending a text or typing in an app, you can find emojis within the program. If you have ever sent a smiley face or a heart to someone in a text, you’ve used an emojis. Emojis help set a tone within the text. They’ll also help set a tone within your Instagram caption as well. There is no question that emojis add personality so start using them give your message the right tone.

Be consistent!

The most important aspect of improving your Instagram is to be consistent. Post regularly. This is a great way to build trust within your Instagram community. Find a time of day that works well for attracting engagement to your posts. Use a consistent theme, filters or branding to every photo to allow others to get to know your brands personality.

Try out these tips for the next two weeks to see how they can help your business. Have questions or want more advice? Let us know in the comments below.



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