It’s Coming! Snapchat Style Filters For Facebook!

It’s Coming! Snapchat Style Filters For Facebook!


You may have been hearing a lot more about Snapchat lately. All the big social media players seem to be copying Snapchat. And for good reason! It’s the new kid on the block, with the fastest growing user base of all the social media platforms and it’s main demographic are users under 25 years of age.

All the heavy hitters are seeing the platform’s benefit and know that if they don’t soon follow suit, they’ll be left in the dust. Instagram has incorporated “stories” into its platform. Twitter introduced “stickers” into its platform. And now Facebook, the crowd favorite, has been testing “live filters”.

The live filters were on a trial run during the Rio Olympics for both Canada and Brazil. With Canada continually winning with the most active users on Facebook, it’s no surprise why Canada won the testing trial. And Lucky me, I’m Canadian. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited when I opened my Facebook app and saw my camera immediately launched and displayed at the top of my news feed. Snapchat is easily my favorite app, but with fewer followers and far less engagement, Facebook always wins.

Facebook has recently acquired the Masquerade (MSQRD) app, which allows you to change the way you look in selfies and video. Currently the app is not fully integrated with Facebook, but rumor has it, we will all see the Snapchat style filters appearing soon at the top of your news feed. Currently you can download the MSQRD app on both Android and iOS (Click here). Only those with iOS are now able to to open the MSQRD app and hit the ‘live’ button to stream live on Facebook using your favorite filter.

How will this new feature compare to Snapchat filters? For starters, it will have the ability to reach 1.6 billion users. The filters in the MSQRD app are currently more advanced than Snapchats filters. Expect that trend to continue. The current usability of the MSQRD app is slightly easier but with less accuracy on the filters. Meaning that the filters automatically launch in MSQRD and do not line up with the users face perfectly.

How will this help businesses? If Facebook/MSQRD filters become anything like Snapchat, businesses would be able to create their own filters for their promotions and events. The advertising potential is massive.

The acquisition of MSQRD by Facebook was a brilliant move. While Facebook may never lure away the the Snapchat users, bringing new technology and features to an already loyal following will be a win-win.

Have you tried MSQRD? Do you think having that functionality in Facebook is a move in the right direction?


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